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If you were on team Red (Reggie) at the Oilers game on October 26th, 2017…
If you were on team White (Ogie) at the Oilers game on December 23rd, 2017…
If you were on team Black (Hanson) at the Oilers game on January 4th, 2018…
If you were on team Red (Reggie) at the Oilers game on February 20th, 2018…
If you were on team White (Ogie) at the Oilers game on March 1st, 2018…



If you were on the other teams, you didn’t leave the rink empty handed – You can redeem your GREAT SKATE RACE
card to either Edmonton Pint location for a FREE ORDER OF 40-WAY WINGS ANYTIME during regular business hours until April 7th, 2018. House Rules Apply. Valid with the purchase of any beverage. No cash value, 1 per customer.

Winning Team Details:

  • Please stop by The Pint Downtown location ONLY (10125 109 St) to pick up your FREE 40-WAY WINGS FOR A YEAR Package anytime after March 2, 2018. They are valid to redeem at any The Pint Public house location.
  • You MUST present the following: (1) Your Great Skate Race winning flyer (2) Government issued ID – must be 18 years of age as per AGLC rules and regulations.
  • Winners receive 1 x Free 40-WAY Wings punch card; valid for each week for an entire year, redeemable with the purchase of any beverage. Punch slots not used for any particular week become null and void.
  • House Rules Apply: Free 40-WAY Wings are valid with any drink purchase. Only one certificate can be redeemed per person per visit.
  • The Pint retains ownership of the Free 40-WAY Wings Vouchers.

The Pint reserves the right to cancel the Free 40-WAY Wings for a Season prizing to any winners who display poor or aggressive behaviour towards patrons or staff of The Pint, or to cancel any voucher that appears damaged, forged or re-printed.

Come Enjoy the Best Wings in Edmonton, On Us!